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At Living Well Balanced in Raleigh, North Carolina we offer massage therapy as part of our natural approach to reducing stress. Our licensed Massage Therapists know that massage therapy is a necessity, and not a luxury. While not spa-based, we offer relaxation massage, however, our passion is to take a more medical and holistic approach that integrates both the physical and emotional benefits of massage therapy.

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Massage Q & A
What are the health benefits of Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy has a variety of proven health benefits that contribute to overall wellness. Not only can our massages be downright relaxing, in addition, our practice members have stated stress relief, a boost in immunity, reduced pain and muscle tension, headache and TMJ relief, improved sleep, flexibility and posture and even enhanced physical performance.

How is massage used in conjunction with the other services offered at Living Well Balanced?

Some clients come to our office for massage only, but many utilize massage in conjunction with our other services. In many cases, it is a good idea to combine massage with chiropractic care. There are several benefits to massage and chiropractic care received in unison or interchangeably as regular therapies, working hand in hand to maximize the effectiveness of your treatments.

Our bodies are made up of a variety of systems including a muscular-skeletal system, which are the soft tissues, muscles and tendons that merge with the skeleton, all of which combine to work together for optimal mobility.

While chiropractic care addresses the stress on the spine and nervous system, massage helps the body to hold onto the adjustment by removing stress from the soft tissue, allowing the body and spine to acclimate to its new adjustment. Because massage therapists are releasing tension throughout people’s overall body and transforming people into a more relaxed state, the two therapies really complement each other well in helping people with better movement, healing, prevention of injury, and improving people’s overall health and wellness.

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How can massage enhance the personal training experience?

Throughout any fitness training program, a client may find themselves training below their optimum level. The reasons for this can vary greatly from injury, to training plateaus, to fatigue, and more. It is at these points where a client can truly benefit from the effects of massage.

One of the main reasons our personal training clients seek massage is for pain reduction. Without appropriate recovery time, the muscular system can be left feeling tight and inflexible. Our therapeutic massage can greatly assist our clients with pain management, allowing them to resume normal training activities as early as possible.

Massage assists in increasing blood and lymphatic flow to the tissue, increasing delivery of oxygen and nutrients while removing cellular waste at the same time. Recent studies have found that massage can also reduce the effects of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and muscle fatigue. Through massage, muscle and connective tissue are positively impacted by encouraging muscular relaxation, which leads to increased range of motion at the joint. This in turn may decrease the risk of injury. Massage also assists in the breakdown of adhesions (scar tissue) within the muscle and promotes the formation of healthy soft tissue.

Connective tissues (ligaments and tendons) within the body are also positively impacted with massage. Muscles are surrounded by and connected to the bones with connective tissues. Nerves are supported within the connective tissues. Muscular, neural and fascial function may be improved with the application of massage. The effect of massage may influence the conduction of nervous impulses to the muscle. The efficiency of nervous impulse conduction can affect the timing of activation and deactivation of muscle tissue and correct timing that can be critical in injury prevention. Our team of Personal Trainers focus on assisting clients to achieve their goals in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

This includes training well, avoiding injury, training smart, staying motivated and recovering well. Combining your personal fitness goals with our massage therapy offers these benefits and more.

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Getting Started with Massage

One of the ways we distinguish massage at Living Well Balanced versus anywhere else, is that we view massage as a necessity. We want a clinical relationship between our theapists and our patients. That means the first few minutes with the massage therapist is not massaging, it's actually communicating. It’s talking about what your expectations of getting a massage in our office are, what your experiences with massage has been in the past. Just like meeting with a doctor, we'll discuss why are you here and what are your health goals and how can massage benefit you or assist you in achieving those health goals

During your initial visit we’ll discuss your goals and expectations with massage therapy, then we’ll look at how well your muscles, your fascia, your soft tissue, your ligaments and all that helps in your health and healing. And then your massage begins.

If you'd like to experience the clinical, theraputic massage at Living Well Balanced, give us a call at 919-926-8890 to schedule your first appointment!

Massage Price List

Customized Massage Sessions.

30 Minute

 Includes hot towels, use of doTERRA essential oils, kinesio taping, and cupping.

   Single Session $75
   5 Sessions $355
   10 Sessions $675
1 Hour

 Includes hot towels, use of doTERRA essential oils, kinesio taping, and cupping.

   Single Session $105
   5 Sessions $495
   10 Sessions $945
90 Minute

 Includes hot towels, use of doTERRA essential oils, kinesio taping, and cupping.

   Single Session $140
   5 Sessions $665
   10 Sessions $1260
2 Hour

 Includes hot towels, use of doTERRA essential oils, kinesio taping, and cupping.

   Single Session $170
   5 Sessions $805
   10 Sessions $1530

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