The Living Well Balanced Stretching Experience

I’m excited to share about our stretching program here at Living Well Balanced. As a personal trainer, I can tell you the benefits of passive stretching are many and far reaching for improving flexibility, range of motion, promoting healing, and improving overall physical fitness for all people.

Stretching has become the new thing in health care and it provides a lot of benefits to many people. Here at Living Well Balanced, we perform passive stretching which allows your body to be stretched more than it would by itself but in a safe, controlled manner. Your first session will be an hour long and include a consultation to learn your goals and expectations as well as a flexibility assessment to establish a baseline to start from. To keep you comfortable we perform the session on a massage table dressed in flexible clothing. Throughout the session we keep complete open communication to help guide you through the experience. As a follow up from the first session, the next time you come in we spend some time discussing your experience and our recommendations for the future to help your continue your journey and reach your health goals.

Give us a call today at 919-926-8890 to learn more about how our stretching program can help you by booking a free consultation visit!