The Living Well Balanced Personal Training Experience

Here at Living Well Balanced, we offer personal training by itself, or included as one of our one-stop shop services in your wellness plan. You will not find a cookie cutter program here, everyone has a unique body and therefore everyone we train has a unique program tailored to their needs.

We develop training, conditioning and rehabilitation programs scientifically proven to produce results for every individual specific to their body type, their health goals, their specific injuries or trouble areas. Everyone starts somewhere and we start each program where you are and help you build a foundation. We get our clients out of pain and performing at an optimal performance fast! Our trainers are skillfully trained to pay extra attention to detail to ensure everything is done properly and effectively. Using stability balls, bosu balls, kettle bells and functional style training, together we are able to realign and balance the body and help promote proper movement.

It is important that an exercise or workout pushes the client, just enough to get them out of their comfort zone, while maintaining proper form and making progress. During each session we guide you to go beyond your best and strive for even the smallest improvement to get you where you want to be. We encourage you to become aware with your body and keep all communication open to ensure a safe and wonderful experience. Come talk to us today! Book a free consultation visit and see for yourself!