The Back to Reality Checklist, How to Navigate from Summer to Fall

August means we are nearing the end of summer. Our kids are going back to school. The whole dynamic of life and our family/community balance is shifting. And it all happens so fast.

We are here to provide some tips that will save you time and help you shift back into the demands of life. We call this our Back to Reality Check List.

6 Ways to Manage the Shift To Fall:

1. Meal Prep

Juggling the kids’ school and extracurricular activities alone can be overwhelming. It’s easy to drop the ball on healthy eating if you don’t plan ahead.

Consider mapping out a weekly meal plan. Get the family involved. Map out and build a schedule where a family member handles a dinner. Divide and conquer.

You can even make this fun. Build out your family cookbook. Try out new simple recipes for weeknights. Challenge the kids to experiment with cooking. Create new simple meals from scratch.

Planning ahead for the week saves you from taking multiple trips to the grocery store. Ensure you are eating healthier as you control what goes into each recipe. And make it a fun, family bonding experience.

We would love to hear what your favorite recipes as a family are. Let us know.

2. Stress Management

Change, any change can be very stressful. Here are some stress management tips to help you make the transition easy.

Try meditating. There are free apps like Calm and Headspace. Download them to your phone, computer or device. Have the whole family set daily meditation goals. Meditating helps you breathe, get grounded and remain present.

Breathe. Stop and take 1-3 minutes throughout the day to breathe. Make sure your exhale is longer than your inhale. This tricks your brain and body into thinking you are stress free even when you’re not. In the science world, it puts you into a state of parasympathetic balance – healing mode!

Exercise. Movement, whether it’s exercise, dancing, walking or a hike will help you manage your stress. It can also help you release negative emotions throughout the day. Try scheduling 30 minutes of movement each day. See how it helps your stress levels.

Let us know what your favorite stress management tools are so we can share them with other members.

3. Energy Boosters

Daylight savings, going back to school, and even possibly going back to the office to work. These can all be big energy zappers. Here are some ideas to help you preserve and boost your energy this fall.

Get Vitamin D. Whether it’s in oral form or you want to come in for an injection. Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D. This is essential for your energy. Getting natural sunlight daily helps with this. As we head into fall and winter, there is less daylight available. For GOT fans…remember, Winter is Coming!

Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Scientists have proven that we need at least 7 hours of sleep per night. Seven hours allows for optimal healing and recovery each night. Adjust your schedule to ensure you are getting sufficient sleep.

4. Ways to Wind Down

Sometimes it can be hard to unwind at the end of the day. Especially when our lives are shifting. As we head into the fall, consider these ideas for building your evening routine.

Schedule time an hour before bed to unplug. During that one hour before bedtime, avoid screen time, technology and bright lights.

Choose a relaxing activity. Consider trying gentle yoga or yoga nidra to help you unwind. Try a short meditation. Or read something relaxing.

Have a family check in. Before bed, check in with your family or partner. Share one thing you are proud of accomplishing. One thing you are grateful for. And one thing you need to work on.

What’s your bedtime routine? We would love hearing from you – the PG-13 version please.

5. Try Essential Oils

Consider using essential oils. They can help promote mental stimulation. Or boost your clarity and concentration.

Try using Frankincense or Cedarwood to boost your brainpower. Both have been shown to improve mental stimulation.

Experiment with peppermint, spearmint, sweet orange and rosemary to promote clarity and concentration. These have been shown to help clear the mind and help you focus.

6. Posture Pointers

When we get stressed, one of the first things that we slack on is our posture. Here are some pointers to help you maintain a healthy and happy body.

Set an alarm. Throughout the day, set alarms at the top of the hour for a posture check. Make sure you aren’t slouching. Take a quick stretch break. Make sure you aren’t leaning forward towards the computer, or looking down on your phone.

Check your ergonomics. Make sure your workstation at home and in the office is set up ergonomically. In other words, make sure you aren’t slouching forward. Your elbows are at a natural 90 degree angle reaching to the keyboard. Your hands and wrists are supported. Work with an ergonomics specialist with your company to get an expert analysis. This will save your body and energy.

Better yet, ask us! We are posture experts. Our team can provide you with a specialized plan for your life demands. Let us know how we can help.

We Want To Hear From You

Which of these tools and strategies will you and your family implement this fall?

How can we help you and your family have an amazing journey back to school?

Comment below or give us a call at 919-926-8890.