Stop Treating Symptoms, Regenerate to Whole Health Today!

We still have a BIG problem. And it’s likely affecting people in your inner circle.

The elephant in the room is pain. Chronic Pain.

Chronic pain is any ongoing pain that impacts you daily. It can show up in the form of inflammation, a headache, or ongoing pain you can’t shake.

And it’s hurting our country and communities…

In fact, one in five Americans experience chronic pain.

50.2 million US adults experience chronic pain making up 20.5% of the total population.

Did You Know?

  • Chronic lower back pain is the most common type of chronic pain.
  • 50% of adults claim to suffer from chronic headaches.
  • Chronic pain costs reach $635 billion a year.
  • Chronic pain is the No. 1 cause of disability and disease burden globally. (source)
  • 80% of adults in the U.S. will experience back pain at some point in their life. (source)
  • More than 4 million people have chronic daily migraines. (source)
  • Chronic neuropathic pain affects 3% to 17% of adults. (source)
  • About 15 million adults report severe joint pain due to arthritis. (source)

Pain Demographics:

  • Chronic pain is significantly more prevalent in women than men. (source)
  • About 65% of adults ages 65 and older experience chronic pain.
  • Adults with less than a high school education make up 24% to 28% of all chronic pain patients. (source)
  • Adults with public health insurance are more likely to report chronic pain than those with private health insurance. (source)
  • Chronic pain is associated with having a total family income of less than $25,000. (source)

While these statistics are alarming, what’s even more disturbing are how we treat pain.

People are turning to NSAIDs (motrin, advil, etc.), steroid injections or surgical procedures to solve their pain.

But none of these actually repair the root cause of the problem.

In fact, “The person who takes medicine must recover twice, once from the disease and once from the medicine.” -William Osler

The Opioid Crisis

Surgical procedures and chronic pain both lead to the use of opioids. We are still facing a crisis in overuse and misuse of these drugs in the US.

Every year millions of Americans use opioids to manage pain. Doctor-prescribed opioids are appropriate in some cases, but they only mask the pain.

Reliance on opioids has led to the worst drug crisis in American history.

In 2019, an estimated 10.1 million people aged 12 or older misused opioids in the past year.

9.7 million people misused prescription pain relievers and 745,000 people used heroin.

Opioids are currently the main driver of drug overdose deaths.

72.9% of opioid-involved overdose deaths involve synthetic opioids.

A Better Way to Whole Healing: Regenerative Therapy

We believe in whole health. At Living Well Balanced, we are building the pathway to freedom from pain.

One method to that freedom is Regenerative Medicine.

Regenerative Medicine is exactly how it sounds. It stimulates the body’s ability to repair itself.

This is not just “Stem Cell Therapy”. That is only a fraction of a well rounded therapy.

Regenerative therapies include Cytokines & Growth Factors, Scaffolding Proteins, Hyaluronic Acid and Mesenchymal Stem Cells.

What are Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s)?

Mesenchymal Stem Cells are a type of stem cell with the ability to change, or differentiate, into Bone, Cartilage, Tendon, and Ligaments, depending on what needs to be repaired.

You can view them as the handyman cells for growth and repair.

  1. Your body sends signals out when it needs repair
  2. Regenerative product is injected into the joint. The injection is treating the damaged cells signaling for help.
  3. Regeneration and healing begins!

What’s the Process?

Come in for an initial visit with our Medical Provider to discuss your health history, a focused exam and a thorough review of any imaging studies, i.e. x-rays, MRI, etc..

Based on that initial visit, we will build you a structured rehab plan from massage, to stretching and exercise and even chiropractic.

If regenerative medicine is a good fit to FIX your problem, we will let you know and, if available, perform the injection that day.

The regenerative procedure itself is a 30 minute appointment.

There is no anesthesia, hospital stay or antibiotics. There is ZERO recovery time. Yes, you read that correctly.

There are minimal adverse effects (injection site ache or swelling only).

And we anticipate improved function within 1-3 months!

“No matter how advanced joint replacement surgery becomes, a prosthetic knee will never be as authentic as your own. Don’t Replace it, Regenerate it.” –Sean Russell, PA

Want to learn more?

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