Regenerative Medicine: Introducing a Revolutionary Advance In Natural Self-Healing

Regenerative Medicine is an area of Health Care that has the potential to have a disruptive affect on the way certain human ailments are managed.

What Does Regenerative Medicine Do?

The regenerative medicine injection therapies now offered by Living Well Balanced can provide remarkable relief from pain and discomfort, and may even help avoid surgery.

If you suffer from chronic joint pain due to injury or age-related illness, you need to know about our innovative natural regenerative medicine therapies that have been proven to provide relief. The science behind these therapies can help your body reverse the damage, especially when other therapies are not enough.

A Game-Changer

For example, if you are ready to finally repair that old stubborn injury to your shoulder that keeps you from lifting up your kids, or are fed up with the pain in your knees that prevent you from playing tennis, you now have the latest in human technology available here. If you are even considering surgery, you owe it to yourself to get evaluated at our office to see if this life-changing therapy can help you avoid that operation.

The regenerative medicine available today at Living Well Balanced includes innovative medical therapies that will enable the body to naturally repair and restore tissues and function lost due to age, disease or damage. This is done by stimulating the body to heal itself in outpatient procedures that are quick and have virtually no down time.

How Does Regenerative Medicine Work?

When we are young, the body is able to regenerate new cells and tissues to repair any damage or injury that occurs. As we age, the ability to regenerate new tissues becomes less efficient. This means when an older person suffers a debilitating injury or disease, return to an active lifestyle can be slow and challenging. Many degenerative diseases of the joints that affect the knees, hips, and shoulders in older individuals occur due to wear and tear and the inability of the body to regenerate the worn-out tissues. For the same reason, inflammatory conditions like tendinitis and plantar fasciitis can be disabling in older people.

Free Yourself From Pain

Do you miss your previously active lifestyle? Are you itching to get back on the tennis court, but your knees simply do not allow it? For many people, pain can become so debilitating that they even consider surgery. But going under the knife is not your only option. There’s a revolutionary new treatment for pain that’s highly effective and completely safe. What is this new therapy? And are you a candidate for it?

Reversing The Damage

Sometimes the body needs a little help in reversing the damage caused by years of wear and tear. Regenerative Medicine boosts the body’s declining ability to regenerate itself. Regenerative Medicine is not something new. It’s been the buzzword in scientific circles for more than three decades. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Resources has this to say:

“Regenerative medicine WILL improve the quality of life. The therapies are innovative and expected to offer faster, more complete recovery, with significantly fewer side effects or risk of complications.”

We can now offer breakthrough, non-surgical treatment options for individuals suffering from joint pain due to degenerative conditions or other common joint injuries.

Healing Ourselves Better

Perhaps you have heard of stem cells, but you may not know that we all have stem cells and growth factors in our bodies. We can think of stem cells as a sort of army that gets called in wherever there’s damage. Stem cells heal injured bone, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and other tissues. As we age, the regenerative power of stem cells declines and enough of them cannot reach the damaged area. That’s where our therapy comes in. To solve this problem, we inject a high concentration of growth factors and other nutrients into the precise area of damage. This supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Fortunately, there’s very little down time with the procedure. And there is no need for a long and painful rehabilitation to regain strength and mobility, which is often necessary after joint surgery.

Getting To The Source

We take a holistic approach to our patients. We perform a comprehensive analysis based on a detailed patient history. This helps identify the root cause of the problem causing the pain and disease. We then develop an individualized treatment plan with several options for applying different therapies. Our goal is to get to the source of the pain and not simply mask the problem by relieving the symptoms. To this end, we use state-of-the-art diagnostics and cutting-edge treatments.

Expert Medical Team

The highly experienced medical team at Living Well Balanced are trained in advanced regenerative therapies. The team is led by a board-certified physician and each patient is assigned a nurse practitioner and care coordinator. We provide personalized care and customized treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each patient.