Posture’s Impact on Your Health

Posture + Chiropractic Care

Did you know many ailments you may be suffering from right now can come from poor posture?  I bet if I told you poor posture can shorten your lifespan, you would stop what you’re doing right now and listen to this immensely important message that can change your life!

According to the American Journal of Pain Management:

“Posture affects and moderates every physiologic function from breathing to hormonal production. Spinal pain, headache, mood, blood pressure, pulse and lung capacity are among the functions most easily influenced by posture.”

For you to understand how your posture directly affects your overall health, I need to share two important studies that will make you change your mind about slouching!

The first study I want to share was published in the prestigious medical journal Spine in 2005 and was done by a team of all Medical Doctors under Dr. Steven Glassman. They measured posture in 752 patients using full-spine x-rays. They took measurements from the base of the cervical spine as it relates to the sacrum.   Essentially, they analyzed how far forward the head was postured in front of the spine while the person was standing up. And do you know what they found?  Hold on to your hats because their findings are a game changer!

They found that all, that’s right, all measures of health status showed significantly poorer scores as posture deviations increased.  In fact, the severity of symptoms increases in a linear fashion with progressive posture imbalance.  In other words, reported overall health was worse the further forward the head sits in front of the spine.  And that’s what we commonly think of as slouching, right?  Even minor forward head posture was shown to be detrimental. From breathing and heart rate, to pain and disability, all health markers that were measured worsened as the posture deviations increased.

Remember when I told you that poor posture can shorten your lifespan?  A separate study published in the Journal of American Geriatrics Society in 2004 looked at how a hyperkyphotic posture, or what we commonly call a slouched or humpback posture, affects mortality in geriatric patients. They found that hyperkyphotic posture was associated with an increased mortality rate due to atherosclerosis and possible pulmonary causes!  In fact, they observed people with hyperkyphosis had an increased rate of dying than those without hyperkyphosis—44% in men and 22% in women! In other words, allowing poor posture to worsen as you age can shorten your life!

Many of you right now are experiencing posture related back pain.  In fact, posture-related back problems are the number three reason for all doctor visits in this country.  Look at these stats and see if they pertain to you:

  • 65 million people in the US alone endure back pain every year of which 7.6 million are currently disabled from it.
  • Low back pain is the most common disability for people under the age of 45, causing lost productivity, inability to participate in normal activities, and diminished enjoyment of life.
  • 80% of Americans have suffered back pain during their lives of which 1 of every 4 adults have suffered back pain in the last three months.

I see posture related back pain in my patients every day.  And it makes sense as to why.   As a society, we are spending an unprecedented amount of time sitting at work, school, and even recreationally in front of the TV or internet surfing!  We’ve evolved into a relatively sedentary society when compared to how physically involved our ancestors used to be in their day to day lives.  We traded in the farm lifestyle for the easy laptop lifestyle. Sorry, MacBook lifestyle.

And that lack or loss of physical activity in combination with sitting for prolonged periods of time has created that forward head, slouched posture that I just told you will negatively impact your health and shorten your lifespan.

If the body has a noticeable postural imbalance, over time, it can have a serious effect on the body’s nervous system and spine.  But don’t worry, there is a solution.  A chiropractor can help you correct poor posture by realigning your spine to assure that the body is functioning optimally.  Chiropractic adjustments help to restore posture by improving motion and spinal integrity which how information is communicated from the spinal cord to the brain, thus, allowing the body to comprehend and balance its posture better in relation to gravity.

Myself and the caring team at Living Well Balanced is here to support you and your concerns with poor posture.  When you visit us, we will analyze your body composition, posture, foot stance, and conduct other scientifically based measures to create and present a comprehensive plan to correct the root causes and provide long lasting relief. We will adjust any spinal misalignments associated with poor posture here in our office, and provide as appropriate other therapies right here in our office including traction, massage, stretching, and personal training. We educate our patients as to how and why they developed poor posture in the first place, how to create and implement lifestyle changes to improve overall posture and health, and guide them on strengthening and maintaining postural balance in their day to day lives.

If you are local, please call our office at (919) 926-8890 for a consultation and together we will construct a treatment plan specific to your spine and your whole body needs, to finally correct your posture, in a healthy and drug-free way.

If a loved one shared this video with you and you are not local to where we can help you, please contact a chiropractor near you to check your spine to see if chiropractic care to correcting poor posture is right for you.

If you have more questions about how chiropractic can help support ideal posture, or if you want to share your success stories about how chiropractic has helped improve your overall health, please send me a note.

Please share this video with those looking for a better way to manage their posture. And remember, if you build a better, stronger posture with chiropractic care, you can experience less pain, feel better about yourself, and even live longer!