Our Unique Approach to Wellness

Are you curious about how unique Living Well Balanced is? Or how our approach to wellness is far different than most of other offices?

Well, one of the great things about our office is that everything is customized. We don’t have any type of standard cookie-cutter care plans. Some of our people come here to the office strictly for chiropractic care, and then we have people who come here for skin care, massage therapy, or personal training, and we have people who come here for personal training and massage, or massage and chiropractic, or people for cryotherapy and infrared only.

You see, treatment at Living Well Balanced is completely dependent on what your goals are. What are your health objectives? Is it to reduce pain naturally? Is it to improve your posture or flexibility? Is it to get you prepared for an upcoming wedding? Or for an upcoming marathon or strong man competition? Every single person that walks in our doors has a completely customized approach to their health care and it’s always based on their goals.

Yes, we love having people do everything in our services, in our office. It would be great to have a complete one stop-shop where everyone does everything but let’s face it, there’s time issues, there’s money issues, and then there’s just “hey, I’m not interested”. That’s why we take time to talk with our members about what they’re hoping to achieve and which of our services are right for them.

One of the great things about Living Well Balanced is that we’re in the relationship business. Even though we are a healthcare office, the most important thing we value is a relationship with people. We meet people where they’re at and know how to take them from where they’re at to where they want to be. Everything at Living Well Balanced is always custom-tailored to you.

If you’d like to learn more, please give us a call at 919-926-8890 or contact us to book a free introductory consultation.