Our Chiropractic Adjusting Styles

The great thing about chiropractic is it is a science, it is a philosophy, and it’s also an art. All three of those legs are important, but today we’ll talk about the art of chiropractic. Here at Living Well Balanced, one of the things we’ve often been asked about is, “What techniques do your doctors use?”

We have four different techniques that any of our talented doctors in both locations usually employ.

The most common traditional method that you may be used to, or hear about or read about, is the hands-on method. That’s called manual adjusting or diversified adjusting. Working with our hands gives us a lot of control. And one of the great things about our offices is we see kids, we see pregnant women, we see seniors, we even see people who have had fractures and post-surgical rehab. So we’re really gentle with our hands, so don’t feel like you’re going to get that cracking experience.

The second type of technique that’s very common is called Drop Table. It’s another gentle technique where the tables move up and down and that process release a lot of pressure off the back so it doesn’t feel like we’re pushing too much.

The third technique that our chiropractors do is called Flexion Distraction. That’s a great technique, the tables are super advanced, and it helps people with some really hot discs. So if you’re in a really excruciating lower back-pain, you want Flexion Distraction done.

The fourth type of technique is Instrument Adjusting. That could be anywhere from using the activator or ArthroStim—that’s really a cool technology that really get specific on the joint, and again, very gentle.

So regardless of any of those four techniques that we use, the Diversified, the Drop Table, the Flexion Distraction, or the Instrument, know that we customize all of our adjusting techniques to your needs and preferences. Even the software we use in the both of our offices integrates the doctors and makes sure the doctors are always aware of how you love to get adjusted. So again, it’s a never one technique or size fits all, this is always a customized approach to your healthcare. If you need more information you can read about our chiropractic care or give us a call at 919-926-8890.