Cryotherapy and Infrared: What’s the Difference?

Here at Living Well Balanced, we offer both Cryotherapy and Far Infrared therapy and often get asked, “What’s the difference between them when it comes to the effect on your body?”

Basically, Cryotherapy is extreme cold, and Infrared therapy is extreme heat.

Cryotherapy is more effective with acute injury and inflammation. It pulls blood and lymph fluid out of the extremities and concentrates it into the core, while there the oxygen levels increase. This highly oxygenated blood circulates through your organs for 3 minutes. Once you step out, because you’re completely dry, that same blood rushes back into your extremities. This knocks out inflammation and provides brand new oxygen and nutrients to injured areas.

The Infrared sauna however, is what’s known as an endothermic heat.  This means most of the heat you feel is being produced from within your cells. The Far Infrared light creates vibration in the water molecules of your cells.  This means the entire cell now becomes active. The reason exercise is so important in your life is because it creates activity in the body. The activity in your cells caused by the Far Infrared light is similar to the activity in your cells during a cardio workout. Activity is key for health, whereas stagnation results in disease. Plus, if you’re in the sauna long enough to sweat, you get a mild detoxing effect.

One thing we really encourage people to check out is contrast therapy. Historically speaking, contrast therapy is applied locally, meaning to a specific area of the body, but here at Living Well Balanced, we have the chance to do it full body! A contrast therapy session consists of a Cryotherapy session immediately followed by a Far Infrared therapy session. Essentially you’re going from extreme cold to extreme heat. This creates a contraction/dilation effect in your blood and lymph vessels and is the perfect way to reset your body. Plus, both have been proven to aid in weight loss. Cryotherapy can burn anywhere between 500-800 calories in one 3 minute session and the Infrared sauna can easily burn about 600 calories in 15 minutes. Can you imagine if you did both back to back on top of your daily health regimen?!

We all do contrast therapy regularly here in the office and we cannot get enough!

As always, we are here as a resource if you are curious about anything. Give us a call at 919-926-8890 or book a session to get started. Come get your freeze and sweat on!